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Love it!!

Anonymous asked: You seem to know a lot about proxys, so I thought I'd ask you... I'm not able to watch the webcast of Mens PT although I've tried Hola and Zenmate which are usually fine and still work with all the other sites? Really weird... So I was hoping you would have a recommendation for a proxy that works for worlds? I'd be so thankful if you had one :D

whiptotriple answered:

Haha, I wouldn’t call myself knowledgeable but I’m a media student so I deal with this stuff a lot. (that, and years of experience thanks to the frustrating fact that my IP address is not based in the US) 

I was actually trying out all my different proxies during PT this morning (I use different ones for different sites) and after everything else failed, Hola actually worked for me. It wouldn’t at first but I closed my browser and then changed the location to the US before I even opened the PT link and then it worked. 

I think for the streams that USAG is doing together with Universal Sports (TF, AA, EF), you’ll be more than ok using either Hola or ZenMate (my personal favorite), because those streams won’t be YouTube based. It’s tougher for a VPN to hide your IP when it’s a YouTube live stream; most proxies don’t work with them.

So yeah, for me Hola actually did work this morning, which was shocking cause I’m usually not a big fan. Maybe try it again for the next PT session? It worked for me and a few of my friends, so I’m sure it’ll start working for you too! 

Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help; if Hola won’t work for me tomorrow, I’ll seek out a different proxy and I’ll keep tumblr posted on my search. :) 

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Ok then Simone


Ok then Simone

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WC 2014 Posters - 1/6


WC 2014 Posters - 1/6


Jordyn Wieber - requested by anonymous (insp x )

Happy Birthday, Flávia Saraiva!

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*Oprah voice* You get a pink leo! And YOU get a pink leo! Hot pink nation? More like hot pink PLANET!


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Happy Birthday, Aliya Mustafina!

2014 World Championships WAG Schedule



Times are local. Nanning is in GMT+8

Central European Summer Time is Nanning time -6 hours

Eastern Daylight Time is Nanning Time -12 hours

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