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Elizabeth Price is retired
Brenna Dowell is injured
Mckayla Maroney is injured
Peyton Ernst is injured
Lexie Priessman is injured
Rachel Gowey is injured
Alyssa Baumann is injured
Maggie Nichols is injured
And training *death* camp is in three weeks.

Is this really happening?

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Anonymous asked: About that, I disagree. While it is not related to the sport, it is newsworthy. Specially since it was revealed together with several other photos, many confirmed to be real by the victims themselves. The photos themselves should never be revealed, and the fact that they posted them is completely wrong, not to mention criminal, but the leak is important and needs to be reported, sadly.

It’s absolutely newsworthy (unfortunately), but gymnastike is not where it should be posted. Gymnastike is a site about gymnastics, not about a gymnasts personal life that’s not related to gymnastics at all (the other celebrities are even more irrelevant to the site). The leak needs to be discussed in media (so we can prevent future ones), but not on gymnastics webside. Also, the article is about Maroney’s and other’s leaked photos, not the actual leak.

I’ve read the article now and even though they have removed the controversial stuff, they are still using an 18-year old’s leaked photos (from when she was a minor) to gain attention and earn money, even when she has asked them to take it down. People who read the article can easily find the photos online, even though they aren’t linked anymore. 

Gymnastike should stick to gymnastics and leave the leaked photos to gossip columns, period. 

newtonthinksimattractive replied to your post“I don’t know …”
she’s 18, and allegedly the photos were dated last year (when she was still 17) thus making it child pornography, that’s half my issue with it those photos are actually illegal
Oh that’s right, she was born in December (I changed it now :) ) I absolutely agree with you!
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A Petition Has Been Made for Gymnastike To Take Down McKayla Maroney Article


Sign it here

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Lol she never ceases to amaze me with how she approaches things with such a sense of humor.


Lol she never ceases to amaze me with how she approaches things with such a sense of humor.

Anonymous asked: I don't know if they changed the news or not, but Gymnastike's article did not link the photos or mentioned where to find them. If it did point or showed the photos before, my bad, but the way it is right now, it is just the report of a sad, sad story that they reported.

They did before, but they have removed it now! I haven’t read the article myself, but I don’t think it’s appropriate of gymnastike to write about it (even without links) since it’s not gymnastics related (it’s happening to a gymnast yes, but it’s not actual gymnastics) and it’s easy to find the photos online anyway. They are basically using this horrible situation that’s happening to a 18-year old girl to get views and earn money, which I find disgusting.
(I just want to add that I really appreciate the polite tone in your message, and I hope that I don’t sound aggressive in my answer, I’m just really angry about this whole situation and it’s nothing personal xx )

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Anonymous asked: Of course people are gonna deny the topless one. She's underage. And fuck me for knowing this but she has a mole/freckle on her boob that you can see in her instagram and the topless one matches and I don't think anyone would go through the trouble to fake that because who even notices that

my-bff-nastia answered:

It was all photoshopped. A person I talked to has the original. The mole was photoshopped on and other things were done to make it look more like her apparently, including like…flip flopping it so that it is a reverse image? No idea who went to that trouble but yeah. It’s def not her.

If McKayla is taking nude photos of herself, who cares? If I looked like her I would quit my job and never leave my house so I could take nude selfies all day long. If the photo was really her, whoever violated her privacy would be the one to be mad at, not her. But even though the photo is not her, people are misleading other people to think it’s her, and unfortunately, a teenage girl posting nude selfies is damaging to these girls in this society. She has done nothing wrong and will now have sponsors questioning her ‘integrity,’ young gym fans and their parents freaking out, idiots calling her a slut, etc. 

Whether it’s her or not, anyone who links to the photos is saying that it’s okay to violate a teenage girl’s privacy. They’re supporting this violation instead of speaking against it which is GROSS.

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"I don’t have to ‘prove’ anything to anyone. I do it for myself." -McKayla Maroney

The fact that we live in a world where it’s more accepted to leak young women’s private photos than to be the victim of a leak makes me sick

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